Verdure Sounds

Ambient reflective piano with pads and natural sounds.

Mazepa Neagră

Experimental music consisting of violin, piano, pads and arpeggiator.

“The story behind ‘Mazepa Neagra’ illustrates the process of how a place can change people and vice versa. Without realizing, the environment we live in affects our personality and over time it leaves harsh marks.”

Patrimoniu pentru urmatorul secol

Orchestral music written for a 6-episode documentary.


Minimalist score consisting of violin and piano.


Dramatic soundtrack for the individual exhibition ExpoMaraton competition.

Lean on Me

Ambiental score composed for an   animation.


Cinematic blend of violin, piano, guitar and electronic effects.

Another Ride

Minimalist sountrack written for a short documentary. 


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