DOR trailer

Together with the illustrator Irina Selaru, Ioana created the trailer music for an article written by Read the full article published by DoR (Decat o Revista).

DIPLOMA selection

Two of the animations scored by Ioana have been selected to be included in this year’s edition of the DIPLOMA festival.

‘O călătorie pe tărâmul interior’ directed by Robert Antonov 

‘Vizită în spațiul lacunar al memoriei-CNP’ directed by Adina Constantin 

STUDIO 27° member

Ioana became a member of STUDIO 27°, a creative digital platform for womxn & gender non-conforming artists and innovators. 

Sounds Like THIS festival

Ioana has performed at Sounds Like THIS festival among the pioneers of modern and contemporary music such as: Plaid, Ligeti Quartet and Awate

Mentoring programme

Ioana is one of the 10 artists who have been chosen by Brighter Sound to receive mentoring from established musicians. It was especially with Max Richter she resonated the most, with whom she took part in a mentoring programme and one to one session.

Film music residency

Ioana was selected to be part of a film music residency organised by Brighter Sound and Studio12 aimed at addressing the gender gap in the industry. Together with 3 others female composers (Adina Nelu, Megan Tarpey and Lauren Hutchins), Ioana created the score for Unbroken. The work was premiered at the Independent Directions Film Festival (the INDIs Film Festival).

Watch Unbroken on Vimeo.

Scenes EP

For his debut EP, the neo-classical composer, Marcus Elkjer, combines electronic textures and moody piano sounds with violin arrangements created by Ioana. 

“Scenes” is a sonic journey into my subconscious. An accompaniment of the dreams I have. The songs encapsulate different scenes of a movie that has never been made but only exists in my mind. My hope is to make the listener connect with the sonic journey and possibly become part of it oneself.”- Marcus Elkjer

Listen Scenes