Ioana Selaru is a Romanian composer and instrumentalist who began her musical career at an early age.  Her passion for music was inspired by the environment she grew up in, an environment where art is cherished and instilled in children in their early years. At the age of seven, Ioana started studying the violin, an instrument she fell in love with from the very first moment. Many hours of study and sacrifice followed, period of time which made her realize the importance of traditional music and the impact it might have on her professional evolution. During her academic years, Ioana had the opportunity to study several topics like classical harmony, musical forms and analysis, polyphony, orchestration and musical theory.

Her interest in scores and film music blossomed in her first year of studying at the National University of Music in Bucharest, a place where she met people who shared the same musical interests. In addition to college courses, Ioana decided to participate in the development of a film-music studio. Thanks to the nourishing ambience and supportive collective in which she has progressed as a musician, Ioana founded a “musical incubator”, entitled District of Screen Composers, or shortly DISC, where talented and aspiring young musicians can come to gain experience.

Fueled by her curiosity and hunger for knowledge, Ioana has continuously expanded her musical boundaries by exploring multiple artistic fields. She has experimented with many musical genres, ranging from classical music to experimental or traditional Indonesian music. Her works often contain unusual combinations of instruments and sounds with the purpose of creating a greater emotional impact and a more lasting impression on the audience. The commitment to her favorite instrument can be observed in her original compositions which contain unique sound elements that the violin can produce.

Ioana has always had a fascination regarding the process that takes place when making a movie, a fascination that goes beyond the story and the technical aspects required. She was amazed at the way in which various arts complement each other to express the same message. But most of all, she was captivated by the original music that conveys a non-verbal message and, at the same time, has often a very powerful and emotional effect.